Burundian Diaspora is an organization for the Burundians by the Burundian Diaspora. BD brings together all Burundians across all continents to join hands in pursuing our vision of well-connectedness, more involved, where ideas are shared, relationships developed, and best practices learned. All our efforts are directed towards contributing in every possible way to better the conditions of fellow Burundians in the country. In so doing we act as partners with the Government of Burundi and other non-government agencies on issues related to enhancement of the National Diaspora Policy, peace building, and promotion of investment and tourism in the country. We also work with various money transfer agencies around the globe on remittances from host countries to Burundi

Achievement: Since coming into picture in 2007, BD has organized four major conferences as follows: 2008 in Belgium; 2009 in Stavanger (Norway); 2012 in Bujumbura; and 2013 in Oslo. Besides major conferences, BD in collaboration with country organizations has held important events including the following:

  • The International religious crusade by the First Lady of Burundi held in Perth - Australia in 2014

  • The participation of Burundi (Minister for Energy and Mining) in the international conference for Oil and Gas held in Perth – Australia in 2015

  • The Dialogue on “The conflict in the Great Lakes region: Origin and solutions” held in Oslo in October, 2016

  • The visit to Scandinavian Countries by the National Commission for Inter-Burundi Dialogue in November 2016

  • Participation of BD in Diaspora week activities in Burundi

  • ..

Organization: Burundian Diaspora is an inclusive organ representing members of the Burundian Diaspora in all continents. BDiaspora’s supreme organ is the General Assembly (GA). There is an Executive Committee (EC) that runs the daily business of Burundian Diaspora. There is also an Administrative Committee (AC) that acts as a regulatory board. The AC ensures that the EC is made accountable in its management of BD’s daily business. At the grassroots, there are country organizations (CO). These are registered Burundian Diaspora organizations or Burundian communities in host countries that are members or agree to the principles of BD


Burundian Diaspora visions being a diaspora network, composed of active groups with bringing ideas, but all committed to the basic values of human dignity, promotion of peace and justice in Burundi, civil participation, transparency, better health and economic development. Burundian Diaspora and its members adhere to the principle that any member of the diaspora can and must make a contribution to both the host, and home societies


As a recognized entity in Burundi and overseas, Burundian Diaspora; in partnership with the government and civil society both internationally and in Burundi has a leading role and acts to:

  1. Encourage members of the Burundian Diaspora to actively contribute to the economic progress of Burundi

  2.  Assist in meeting the growing operational and policy challenges that the diasporas confront globally

  3. Advance the understanding of diaspora and its role through participation in various conferences, forums and workshops

  4. Uphold the principle of human dignity and well-being among members of the diaspora and among Burundians in Burundi

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Organisation and Achievment

For other questions and comments email: contact@burundi-diaspora.net