Together, peace and development are possible

Bujumbura, 24th july 2017, Hotel Club du Lac Tanganyika


Diaspora members across the globe have been part and parcel of peace building, development and humanitarian response since time immemorial. It is particularly in recent decades that Diasporas have been acknowledged as being a force towards contributing positively to the realization of economic and social changes. In the past, Diaspora networks have been used by some political groups to wage war against governments in countries of origin. In modern global setting, peace, stability and prosperity is a preferred option to wars, and this is our Diaspora stance.  

In July 2017, IABD is planning to hold an international conference to be held in Bujumbura under the patronage of the President’s office and in partnership with Burundi government (The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation– MFAIC). The timing for the conference is set deliberately to coincide with the National Diaspora week (The last week of July), such that diaspora members will also participate in various Diaspora week activities to be prepared by the MFAIC.


Conference sub-themes will include:

  • Diaspora and Development

  • Vision for Burundian Diaspora

  • The contribution of Diaspora to peace process in country of origin

  • Diaspora and socio-economic contribution; Remittances

  • The role of Diaspora in technological transfer to country of origin

  • Diaspora and investments in home country


The conference will take place on the 24th and 25th July, 2017 followed by the election of IABD office bearers for the next three years.

Dignitaries during this conference will include HE the President of the Republic of Burundi, Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ministers (various portfolios), Diplomats, NGO representatives, members of Burundian Diaspora from various countries, various invitees.

Aim of the conference:

  • To bring awareness among conference participants on how the Diaspora may be involved and therefore contribute to the current peace building efforts presently being undertaken by the government of Burundi.

  • To share the Burundian Diaspora vision and information on how Diasporas may work with countries of origin to implement the national Diaspora policy

  • To inform the participants of what the role of Burundian Diaspora could be in the overall development of the country

  • To mobilize external partnerships with IABD in order to enhance the implementation of the national diaspora policy in Burundi.

  • To hold a General Assembly (GA) and elect the office bearers for IABD until 2020.

  • To make changes in the IABD’s constitution as needed and adopt the changes made as part of the businesses of the GA.


Expected conference outcome


  • IABD to be accepted as partner to the peace building initiative and solution in Burundi through participation in dialogue often organized by the external mediator. In most cases, the dialogues are dominated by political parties

  • IABD to commence working collaboratively with International non-government organizations (INGOs) in advancing shared goals

  • To agree on modalities on how Burundi government may continue working with IABD on implementing the National Diaspora Policy

  • To impress representatives from financial institutions that facilitate remittance cash transfers to Burundi on how IABD may use their services effectively

  • To explore opportunities available in Burundi for IADB members to invest, offer services and lobby for investments in the country of origin

  • Conference recommendations



Bujumbura, 2017 will be sponsored by various well-wishers who understand and support the Diaspora course. We appreciate your sponsorship and we’ll endeavor to give you the place you deserve in minds and hearts of our Diaspora members. Our needs to carry out the conference are many; we’ll appreciate any amount of sponsorship to the event this. However, as a guide, you may sponsor the event as a platinum Sponsor (USD 3000 and more); Gold Sponsor (USD 2000 and more); Silver Sponsor (USD 1000 and more). You may also sponsor by donating the materials, food, drinks, conference venue, etc that will be used during the conference


Why Sponsor and be part of the Conference?

  • Burundi as a country needs peace, security and economic stability for its people. This is an opportunity to share your organization’s support to the peace building and share your views on how Burundi may return to prosperity

  • You will have an opportunity to support the Burundian Diaspora have an impact on development initiatives in their home country

  • You will make your presence and visibility felt among members of the Burundian Diaspora, and Burundians as a whole. You will probably be given an opportunity to speak about your personal or your organization’s experiences in supporting Diaspora communities and what Diasporas may do to support their home country

  • Members of the Burundian Diaspora will make use of your services through your impression made during the conference

  • Your services will be advertised on the Burundian Diaspora website; display booths at conference venue; and in conference print material

  • ..